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Wheelock Pharmacy's Sleep and Wellness Center offers the only sleep systems clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of Fibromyalgia

• Subjects reported a 60% reduction in pain.
• The average sleep period increased 29% after using the sleep system for a 14-day period.

Inadequate sleep is risking our health... New research show sleep deprivation can take up to 7 years off your life expectancy.

Do I Need a New Bed?

Waking up with soreness, stiffness or pain are body signals that you are harming your spine. This hinders sleep patterns, resulting in fatigue, headaches and stiffness of the neck, shoulders and spine, eventually developing disc damage.

Answering these questions will help you determine if your present mattress has failed and is not providing the proper postural support needed to protect the injured areas as you resume your daily routine. A new bed may be necessary to not only aid in recovery, but minimize pain by improving your posture and supporting the injured parts of your body so you can get the quality of sleep you need.

1. In the morning when you wake up or upon rising from sleep, do you experience:
Headaches ______
Neck Stiffness ______
Shoulder Stiffness ______
Low Back Pain ______
2. Do you wake up during the night or experience fitful sleep due to:
Neck Pain ______
Lower Back Pain ______
Mid Back Pain ______
Leg or Arm Numbness ______
Partner’s Motion Disturbing You ______
3. Do you feel you are sleeping in a valley on your present mattress? ______
4. Is the fabric on your present mattress now loose and sagging from your shoulder to your knee where you lay?
Answer yes to questions 1 or 2 and you are sleeping on the wrong mattress. Answer yes to 3 or 4 and your mattress has failed and it’s time to purchase a new sleep system.

Sleep Better, Wake Up Rested And Refreshed!

Over 100 Million In The U.S. Are Sleep Deprived And Half Of Them Blame Their Innerspring Mattress.