• Information on Vitamin D

    Vitamin D plays an important role in the body.  It is needed for the absorption of calcium. Vitamin D produced in the skin and then converted in the liver and kidneys to its active form.  Vitamin D deficiency can cause health problems such as muscle weakness, fractures, falls (in the elderly), and rickets.

    Sun exposure is a natural trigger for Vitamin D production in the body.  In colder climates where people do not get much sun exposure, Vitamin D supplementation may be necessary.  Patients taking corticosteroids should also consider vitamin D supplementation.

    The current recommendations for vitamin D according to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) is 600 to 800 IU per day (1.).  Higher doses of vitamin D are used for treating known deficiencies.   According to the IOM report the upper limit for supplementation is 4000 IU per day.

    Vitamin D is found in foods such as fish and dairy products.  Wheelock Pharmacy carries a variety of vitamin D supplements available in multiple vitamin preparations, vitamin D tablets or capsules, and liquids.  Mention this blog post before December 27, 2011 and you will receive 15% off any vitamin D supplement purchase.

    1. Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. Dietary reference intakes for calcium and vitamin D. November 2010. www.iom.edu/vitaminD

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    There are so many good points regarding the vitamin D and most of the detail is shared here in this blog. It is very important for the proper functioning of the body. And they can be obtained by eating the dairy products and the fish.

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    Vitamin D is basic for strong bones, since it enables the body to utilize calcium from the eating regimen. Generally, vitamin D lack has been related with rickets, a sickness in which the bone tissue doesn’t appropriately mineralize, prompting delicate bones and skeletal distortions.

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