bed back pain

The Counter Pressure Caused By Innerspring Mattresses Contorts The Body Increasing Spinal Stress, Joint Pain & Poor Sleep.

Proper Spinal Alignment

Studies show traditional U.S. mattresses and box springs can twist the spine by resisting the weight of the shoulders and hips resulting in 2 negative consequences. Poor support contorts the back and body resulting in bone and muscle stress, discomfort and poor sleep. This creates pressure points impairing circulation, which increases heart rate and blood pressure, discomfort and poor sleep. The right sleep system can provide support that responds to body movement and shifts in weight and distributing pressure to match the individual’s body distribution while maintaining its form to respond to an individual’s sleeping position insuring the best night’s rest.

Recent Studies indicate the right mattress makes a difference in back pain relief and the quality of sleep for back pain sufferers.

At Wheelock Pharmacy’s Sleep & Wellness Center, we offer an exclusive selection of sleep systems designed to equalize counter pressure on the patient’s joints and insures proper spine alignment that reduces pain and helps encourage a restful, recuperative deep sleep.

1. In the morning when you wake up or upon rising from
sleep, do you experience:
Headaches ______
Neck Stiffness ______
Shoulder Stiffness ______
Low Back Pain ______
2. Do you wake up during the night or experience fitful sleep
due to:
Neck Pain ______
Lower Back Pain ______
Mid Back Pain ______
Leg or Arm Numbness ______
Partner’s Motion Disturbing You ______
3. Do you feel you are sleeping in a valley on your present
mattress? ______
4. Is the fabric on your present mattress now loose and
sagging from your shoulder to your knee where you lay?
Answer yes to questions 1 or 2 and you are sleeping on the
wrong mattress. Answer yes to 3 or 4 and your mattress has
failed and it’s time to purchase a new sleep system.

Sleep Better, Wake up Rested and Refreshed!